This STS Thermal Reactive Target is a generous 250mm square and comes with 2 11mm mounting holes.  This is an entirely passive target, no hot or cold packs are required. Simply hang it, shoot it, and view the impacts through the thermal optic. 

Zeroing your thermal optic?  Bore site it at 25m, aim at the middle of the target, shoot it, then see the hot spot through the scope and adjust. Once zeroed at 25, move the target out to 50 or 100 or whichever range you prefer and repeat. 

Confirming Zero? Shoot one shot, then use that as a point of aim for the 2nd shot. 

Heat signatures will last for around 5-10mins depending on ambient temperatures. They will first start to fade out and become fuzzy warm spots rather than sharp hot spots. 

Not recommended for rimfire or subsonic cartridges as the projectiles tend to get stuck in the material.  A small amount of material will get removed with each impact, the amount removed will vary greatly depending on the size and shape of the projectile being used. So to maximise the life of the product it is advised to vary the point of aim. 

Hot Tip! Spray paint the target to allow you to easily spot your impacts when you go down range to check. 

Brand STS Steel Targets

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