About Us

Scoped Out was established with one purpose in mind, to provide quality service, great knowledge and enable you to achieve your shooting goals. We have spent the last decade striving to achieve this goal, and we continue to do so.

We specialise in the world of Optics, Reloading and many other areas in the support of the shooting comunity. We are also shooters, hunters and competitors acros a number of different styles of shooting. We use this stuff and have done for many years. Drop us a message, email, phone call and let’s work out what is your best solution.

In April of 2024, we consolidated with our sister business Projectile Warehouse to offer our full product range in a single lcoation, both online, and in store. 

Our History
In 2018, Rusty took over running Scoped Out from the original founder. Rusty has had involvement in the Precision Rifle Series, Impact Dynamics, the Precision Shooting Club, and a number of other organisations in the shooting world. In a world of fly by nighters on the internet, you can buy with confidence from Scoped Out. Rusty’s involvement in the industry stems back to 2008 when he started working the counter at a local gun store. We aren’t going anywhere.

Rusty’s big passion is growing people’s knowledge about their hobby, starting off in 2013 running training courses and online media through Impact Dynamics and the Precision Shooting Podcast, and he brings that passion to Scoped Out as well. Having previously spent a number of years working for a major optics company, he is well versed in optics, but always wanting to grow more.