Sierra is now offering our #2116 0.308â 115gr HP Varminter as a Green Box item. Originally offered in our 300 AAC Blackout #A2116-33 ammo, it has given proper feeding and functioning in all forms of firearms chambered for this cartridge. From the 300AAC, it is perfectly suited for varmint use up to a medium sized game animal like whitetail with proper shot placements, but it can also be used from a wide variety of other cartridges. From a faster velocity cartridge, like a 308 Winchester, it would be better suited for varmints as it will give an exceptionally deadly expansion quality. It has a 0.267 G1 BC so it will travel well, even out to 250 yards and possibly more with the right zero.
SKU SIE2116-10
Model # 2116
Brand Sierra
Calibre .308
Projectile Weight 115gr
Packet Size 10pack
Base Flat Base
Product Line Varminter

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