Ultimate high-end optics and rangefinding

With the new Leica Geovid Pro 32, Leica Sport Optics presents universal rangefinder binoculars that boast multiple unsurpassed performance features. The Leica Geovid Pro 32 sets a new benchmark in the premium professional segment, combining outstanding optics, precise rangefinding, a multifunctional ballistics calculator, and an ergonomic design based around a 32-mm lens diameter. The extremely accurate Class 1 laser measures distances up to 2,570 yds (2,300 m) reliably and quickly, and up to 180 m with an extremely low measurement tolerance of +/- 9 in (23 cm) – the optimum solution for precise shots at long, medium, and close range.

The pinnacle of ballistics development

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 uses the most advanced ballistics program. A ballistics calculator in the binoculars interacts with a ballistics app on the hunter’s smartphone. Binoculars and smartphone communicate via Bluetooth®. In this way, settings selected in the app (data configuration) can be transferred to the binoculars (computer) and the binoculars can transfer measurement data to the app. Instead of the app, a Kestrel® weather meter can be connected to the binoculars. The pre-installed, world-leading Applied Ballistics® software calculates the most accurate ballistics values for up to 875 yds (800 m). All correction data required for a precise shot is shown on the display of the Geovid Pro 32, immediately after rangefinding.

Target tracking with Leica ProTrack

In addition to the rangefinder, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 is equipped with a built-in compass. Together with the ballistics calculator, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 can determine geographical positions in the field. The position of the last distance measurement is automatically saved and can be recalled for target guidance. In other words, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 can safely guide the hunter to the target or another previously measured point in the field. This is done via the smartphone display, which shows a simple compass needle or even a map based on Google Maps® or BaseMap®. The compass needle makes it easy to determine how to approach the target. On the background maps provided by Google Maps® or BaseMap®, the hunter can even see the position of the target embedded in a graphical terrain display.

Functionality in offline mode

To use the full range of functions, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 must be connected to the app in the cell phone. If the phone is offline, all data previously downloaded to the phone is available. The tracking function also runs, albeit with limitations: The respective map section would have to be downloaded in Google Maps® beforehand. The same applies to the BaseMap® app. Any ballistics data previously downloaded to the cell phone is also available. Furthermore, ballistics profiles can be created, saved, and transferred. And the Geovid Pro can be controlled remotely, provided that Bluetooth® is enabled and the Geovid Pro is connected to the app.

If there is no connection to the app, e.g. if the phone was left behind, the binoculars’ own functions can be used. These include all of the measurement functions: rangefinding, angle, temperature, air pressure, and compass. One of the five output functions – measured range, equivalent horizontal range (EHR), holdover correction, click correction, unit correction – will also remain available, provided it was synchronized in advance. In offline mode, the user can no longer change the output method. Only measured range and EHR are additionally selectable.

Without the app, the ballistics calculator in the binoculars can access the data of the last synchronized profile as well as the last synchronized correction values. The same calculator is installed in both the Geovid Pro and the app. The same parameters and calculations are used.

Unlimited ease of use

Its small and ergonomic design, precise rangefinding, and optical peak performance – comparable to premium binoculars without a rangefinder – make the Leica Geovid Pro 32 a truly universal glass. Especially on alpine hunts and when stalking, the hunter can move freely without worry and rely on top performance under all conditions. In more advanced twilight or complete darkness, the Leica Calonox thermal devices are at the ready and, together with the Leica Geovid Pro 32, form an unbeatable duo for unrestricted 24-hour observation at the highest level.

The Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 is a genuine benchmark. It is designed for stalking during the day as well as hunting journeys where less weight and size are important. The most compact and powerful rangefinder binoculars in the premium class, this model features world-leading Applied Ballistics® software and a extreme precise Class 1 laser. Never, before has such a small glass packed so much optical performance with field-proven ballistics. Extremely powerful with cutting-edge technology, this rangefinder pioneer is the first choice for any active hunter who appreciates compact equipment and demands a reliable ballistic solution for all close- and long-range shots.

Included in the Box:

  • Multitool
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying Case
  • Neoprene Carrying Strap
  • Eyepiece Cover
  • Objective Lens Cover
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth

High-tech on board

An extremely accurate Class 1 laser measures distances up to 2,500 yds (2,300 m) reliably and quickly. A new feature, developed especially for bow hunters, offers an extremely low measurement tolerance of +/- 0.25 yds (0.23 m) at up to 200 yds (180 m). The Leica Geovid Pro 32 adjusts for the ambient parameters such as air pressure, temperature, and angle. With Applied Ballistics® on board, it precisely calculates the simple range, the equivalent horizontal range, and the correction values for holdover, units, and click adjustment. The newly developed 32-mm objective with Perger-Porro prisms and HD lenses delivers outstanding image quality, lifelike color, and exceptional brightness – even under the most difficult conditions.

Highly detailed – at close and long range

When hunting chamois in the mountains, true colors, high-contrast images, and high magnification are essential – as are rapid and precise ballistics solutions for long shots. The Leica Geovid Pro 10x32 is the first choice here. It delivers the precise, reliable range, plus accurate ballistics values, for up to 875 yds (800 m) at the touch of a button. For bow hunters, the Geovid Pro 32 delivers precise values even at close ranges, with an extremely low measurement tolerance of +/- 0.25 yds (0.23 m) at up to 200 yds (180 m). All correction data required for a precise shot is shown on the display of the Geovid 32 Pro, immediately after rangefinding. 

Reliable companion for stalking

On hunting trips and long stalks, the new Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 impresses with its small pack size, light weight, and optical performance. It is ideal for active hunting. The integrated Applied Ballistics® software delivers the most precise ballistics solutions, and the powerful Class 1 laser provides the most accurate measurement results at up to 2,500 yds (2,300 m). Intuitive operation and a user-friendly menu help the hunter concentrate on the essentials.

Milestone in hunting optics

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is the result of many years of hunting experience. It combines the best optical performance with the world’s leading ballistics solution and the most precise rangefinding. It is optimized for fatigue-free observation and intuitive to operate. The proven rubber-armored magnesium housing is rugged and protects its high-end interior from the elements, making the Leica Geovid Pro 32 an utterly reliable companion.

Bright images, day and night

The Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 is perfect for the active hunter who likes to shoot at night. The glass is easy to handle, and its low weight ensures a very calm image. Its outstanding field of view gives the hunter a good overview of the surroundings, and the 32-mm lens delivers tremendous brightness well into twilight. In conjunction with the Leica Calonox View and Sight thermal cameras, it becomes the ideal optical solution for night hunting.

Leica rangefinder binoculars are designed ergonomically, for outstanding ease of use.

Ballistics solution on board

Extremely accurate ballistics calculations using an internal atmospheric sensor, integrated Applied Ballistics® data, and wind correction using the Kestrel weather meter.

Premium laser rangefinder

Extremely precise, rapid rangefinding up to 2,500 yds (2,300 m) and with a very low measurement tolerance of +/- 0.25 yds (0.23 m) at up to 200 yds (180 m).

Best optical quality

The newly developed 32-mm objectives, with Perger-Porro prisms and HD lenses, deliver high transmission values, optimum color contrasts, and high image quality.

Seamless connection

Communicate via Bluetooth®

SKU LEI40809
Model # 40809
Brand Leica
Magnification 8x
Objective Lens Diameter 32mm
Exit Pupil 4mm
Eye Relief 16mm
Field of View 135m @ 1000m
Shortest Focusing Distance
Battery CR2
Length 153mm
Weight 870 grams

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