Soft seating of bullets is a technique used by many top competitors to overcome variables such as inconsistent seating depth and seating depth changes due to throat erosion. Soft seating of bolt action rifle ammunition is accomplished by leaving the bullet seated out far enough so it is pushed back into the case as the rifle bolt is closed. Thus, each bullet is started true to the rifling.

Note: Maximum pressures should be approached with caution when loading with this method. Oversize Expander Balls are designed to replace the standard Expander on Forster Sizing dies. These larger Expander Balls produce reloads with lighter bullet tension, allowing you to precisely control bullet release.

The product number reflects the actual diameter. For example, 2045 is an Oversize “E-Z” Out Expander Ball with a diameter of .2045″.

Standard replacement die Expander Balls (ordered .001″ smaller than the bullet diameter with an estimated .001″ spring back) are also available.

TIP – To keep the inside of your Dies scratch-free, ensure that the outside and inside of your cases are free of powder residue and other debris, case necks are deburred, and the Die itself is kept clean. This precaution also applies to the “E-Z” Out Expander Ball on the Decapping/Expander Assembly, where brass chips and other debris may inadvertently be transferred to the case and Die neck. Chips that result from trimming and deburring, or a case that has not been deburred, are especially damaging to Die interiors. These chips can become embedded in the Die interior. The resulting brass against brass effect “galls,” or wears away, minute pieces of brass on the case and gets worse with each use of the Die.

Model # SZR8OS
Brand Forster

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