Noslers Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip bullet takes Noslers Ballistic Tip technology for accuracy, penetration, and controlled expansion; and combines it with Winchesters Lubalox black oxide coating process to make every shot you fire easier on your barrel. Try it yourself, and see the difference that combined technology makes. The primary benefit of Lubalox is reduced barrel fouling. The process creates a surface on the bullet jacket, which increases the number of shots possible between cleanings. Unlike moly-coated bullets, Lubalox-coated bullets leave the barrel residue-free and do not require barrel “seasoningâ. Additionally, unlike uncoated bullets that tarnish over time, Lubalox protects the surface of the bullet jacket, keeping it looking like new.

Polymer Silvertip

Polymer Silvertip prevents deformation in the magazine.


Lubalox ®Exterior Coating

Reduces fouling, pressure and friction between bullet and bore; provides longer barrel life, easier cleaning and enhanced accuracy.


Fully Tapered Jacket and Special Lead-Alloy Core

Allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels. The heavy jacketed base prevents bullet deformation during firing.


Heavy Jacketed Base

Acts as a platform for large- diameter mushroom.


Ballistically Engineered Solid Base®

Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance and for easier loading.

SKU NOS51100-10
Model # 51100
Brand Nosler
Calibre .277/6.8mm
Projectile Weight 150gr
Packet Size 10pack
Base Boat Tail
Product Line Ballistic Silvertip
G1 BC 0.496000
G1 BC 0.496000

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